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How to Capture The Perfect Photo

How to Capture The Perfect Photo

As a professional photographer, who offers photography services near Durham, I understand that the thought of capturing the perfect photograph can be quite daunting but really there are a few simple steps you can take to get a professional photo. In this blog, you can find more information on getting the polished photo you’ve been looking for.

Often for people who don’t pick up a camera or don’t know a lot about photography think it is as simple as pointing and shooting the camera but there is much more to it. From choosing the subject and placing it in the right position to finding the best lighting, there are a lot of considerations for capturing a great photo. With these tips, I can help you take your photography to the next level.

Mastering the basics

The focal point is the main point of interest in a photo. It can be a person, object or animal. You’ll know what you would like your focal point to be as it is the part of the photograph you would like your viewer to focus on. Now you have in mind your focal point, the rest of the image will start to take shape too.

Sometimes, centring your focal point won’t always be the most successful. If you follow the rule of thirds, an off-centre object/ focal point can add more drama to the photo making it look less staged, more natural and much more like the perfect photograph. You can add a grid through your camera settings to help you with the rule of thirds. It will divide the screen with two lines vertically and two lines horizontally. By placing your subject at one of the four points where they intersect can help you to create a polished, professional photograph.

Thinking about perspective

What is perspective? Perspective is the sense of depth or relationship between objects in a photograph along with their dimensions in respect to what the viewer of the image will see. By simply changing the perspective your subject can appear smaller or larger than usual and lines can converge differently.

Shooting the subject from above can make someone seem smaller. You must also think about the story you would like to tell through the photo as we all know that a photograph can speak a thousand words. Taking the image from above will give the viewer the impression that they are smaller, or they are being overlooked by someone. Taking the photo from far away can make the person in the shot look insignificant. What message are you trying to convey in your photograph?

Framing your shot

Framing the photo perfectly in your viewfinder will help you enhance your image and get the perfect photograph. If you were to have a bride and groom, for example, standing under an arch way that had flowers draping down- this will help with the framing of the photograph and shooting while your subject is inside or underneath.

It’s important to remember to fill your frame too. If too much space is left around your subject you can distract your viewers away from what’s important and the background will take away from your composition.


To enhance your image, you need to ensure the lighting is correct. Is your subject or object visible? If there is not enough light then your camera may find it difficult to pick up the details that you are aiming for. But on the other hand, if there is too much light, you may lose the focus from the photograph. You could create unwanted shadows with too much light and it could completely ruin your image.

Bearing all of these tips in mind, you should be able to shoot the perfect shot!

I am proud to be able to offer a number of different photography packages such as commercial photography, family photography, wedding photography, product photography, graduations, modelling and much more. If you are looking for photography services near Durham, please get in contact today and we can arrange the perfect photoshoot for you.

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